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My Keto Diet Results – As to getting the calories in – from looking at the amount of protein in the diet, 250-300g of protein = 1000-1200 calories… which means your only taking in around 300-500 calories of fat, so 35-55g of fat, which REALLY isnt enough for a keto diet or an energy source.

From what ive read, excess protein is simply broken down by the body into carbohydrates.

So if you weigh in at 168lbs, im going to guess 18% bf, then you would only need 137.75 grams of protein.

What id say is happening is because your not getting enough energy from your diet – Fats or carbs, your body is breaking down all the excess protein for energy, which is why your feeling so lousy.

The ideal macros for keto are 35% protein, 5% carbs, 60% fats, or 30/5/65.
Right now your protein is someone around 80%.

That would also explain why you have been feeling so good back on carbs. Its not so much the carbs, as the increased energy source.

As for the diet:
Breakfast: 1 scoop whey, 300ml soya milk, 2tblspoon milled flaxseed, 1tblspoon EVOO
snack: 2 slices deli cooked turkey/ham/roast beef, small amount of cheese
Lunch: 1 tin tuna, 2tblspoon mayo, 150g broc****, 30g almonds
snack: 30g nuts
dinner 200g chicken/turkey/mackrel, 150g salad, tblspoon EVOO
snack : EVOO/nuts/tuna

If it were me:
– First thing would be to cut out the whey. With good foods like meats, dairy, nuts, fish etc – the protein is already there.
– Breakfast in general sounds like a few spoons and squirts of high protein, low fat foods. Breakfast should be the largest meal as its the start to the day – and its also the strongest keto friendly meal.
– Reduce the protein, up the fats.

Im about the same height as you, and i have 2 beef sausages, 4 eggs and 2 slices of shoulder bacon for breakfast, all fried up. which gives me 43g of protein, 10g of carbs, 53g of fat, 25%:5%:70%. The key is that 70% fat for energy.

Ham and cheese for a snack, no problems with that – i have the same thing for lunch, just make sure that ham is not low fat. The rest of the meals for the day seem fine, although i dont use EVOO yet.

From the 2 keto cycles iv been on, iv never had any changes in mood apart from the first week with brain fog, and no issues sexually – though im starting another cycle today so will make a post if that changes. Id guess that increasing the fats would solve most of your problems, as it will lift your calories, which in turn will make you feel better. I also find that when i have a multi-vitamine, i also feel a lot better through the day. Also id say check over the maths, as that actually looks like a decent amount of food, and should have more calories – although id switch out the chicken/turkey for red meat – cheaper + more fats. I tend to just have chicken on days where i dont have lite tuna, and try to get some red meat each day, mince, beef or something.

Hope this helps.

heres a picture of what a lazy day on my keto diet looks like (rest day so no gym, and yes i know i have my goal calories set too low.. – Keto diet results 

Keto diet results

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